how to remove handle form walkingpad r1 pro

Created:: 07.01.2023 - 00:08
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The walkingpad R1 Pro is amazing if you are searching for a desk treadmill. BUT there is one thing that annoyed me so much that I didn't use the R1 for nearly a year. The handlebar! Okay, it is one of the updates that the R1 has over the A1 or C2. But it takes additional 3 steps (unfold, left screw, right screw) to setup the walkingpad with is annoying.

But there is a fix, just remove the handlebar and unfold the true capability of R1 Pro. It isn't that hard too!

Needed tools:

  1. hex screwdriver
  2. Phillips screwdriver
  3. something strong and flat (tweezers for example)
  4. a female to female jumper cable, (needs to have extremely small connectors)


  1. take the top cover off (the one with the display). To do so simple lift of one of the corners of the panel, can help to use the backside of the tweezer to lift it off
  2. unplug the top left cable (NOT the red and white one!)
  3. plugin both sides of the jumper cable into the mainboard connector. This is needed so that the walkingpad thinks the emergency connector is still connected.
  4. close everything again
  5. unscrew the 6 hex screws from the handlebar
  6. lift off the handlebar
  7. cut off the cable, I did it in the middle of the spiral so that I have enough cable on both sides to easily solder it back together if I need to and can hide it inside the handlebar.
  8. enjoy your 10km/h big size walkingpad!